Un naufragio personal

Ángel Ortega

Late adopter

@tedu: I'll wait for the conclusions of your study to make my decision, then.

Martes de barbas


Back in the 80s



It's a box, so I fit #Caturday

Me as a baby, part 2

#MeAsABaby #LovelyAsFuck


Joder qué bien que funciona el #FaceApp ese.

That #FaceApp thing works fucking well.

Re: I'm not the Minimum Profit Text Editor's maintainer anymore

@crappo: as I said, I'm no longer at charge so I can't know, but the TTC Dev Team will probably be more constant than me #MinimumProfit

Martes de barbas

Mi barba ya no parece el bosque de los Zoogs #MartesDeBarbas

Empty Your Pockets


Those 2000's internet references

#goatse #goatsecx