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Apache + Grutatxt: The Simplest Possible Website

By Geoffrey Plitt

I envisioned an entire website consisting of nothing but human-readable text files that are converted to HTML by the web server when necessary, with the least amount of extra junk in there. Here's how I did it.

.htaccess (root folder):

  Options -Indexes
  DirectoryIndex index.html index.text
  Action handle_text /cgi-bin/handle_text.cgi
  AddHandler handle_text .text

This allows you to mix html and "text" content, which is converted to HTML by Grutatxt.


  echo "Content-type: text/html"
  base=`basename $PATH_TRANSLATED`
  if [ "$QUERY_STRING" = "" ]; then
    echo "<HTML><BODY>"
    cat $PATH_TRANSLATED | grutatxt -nb
    echo "<br><br><small><i>"
    echo "Generated with <a href='"
    echo "http://www.triptico.com/software/grutatxt.html"
    echo "'>Grutatxt</a>. View <a href='$base?SOURCE'>page source</a>"
    echo "</i></small></BODY></HTML>"
    echo "<html><body><small>"
    # The confusing sed stuff just displays ampersands and brackets.
    cat $PATH_TRANSLATED | sed 's/&/\&amp;/g;s/</\&lt;/g;s/>/\&gt;/g' |
     while read L; do
       echo "$L<br>"
    echo "</small></body></html>"

/index.text (any folder)

  I'm an auto-grutatxt'ed HTML page

  And here is a body paragraph!