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Minimum Profit Keycodes

Table with Minimum Profit's keycodes and their default assigned actions.

Keycode Action
alt-a menu
alt-cursor-left unindent_block
alt-cursor-right indent_block
alt-end move_eof
alt-enter open_under_cursor
alt-home move_bof
alt-space menu
backspace delete_left
close-window exit
ctrl-a menu
ctrl-b mark_vertical
ctrl-c copy_mark
ctrl-cursor-left move_word_left
ctrl-cursor-right move_word_right
ctrl-d section_list
ctrl-end move_eof
ctrl-enter open_under_cursor
ctrl-f seek
ctrl-f10 record_macro
ctrl-f3 seek_prev
ctrl-g goto
ctrl-home move_bof
ctrl-i insert_tab
ctrl-kp-minus zoom_out
ctrl-kp-plus zoom_in
ctrl-m insert_line
ctrl-n next
ctrl-o open
ctrl-page-down seek_next_char
ctrl-page-up seek_prev_char
ctrl-q exit
ctrl-r replace
ctrl-s save
ctrl-space menu
ctrl-t find_tag
ctrl-u complete
ctrl-v paste_mark
ctrl-w close
ctrl-x cut_mark
ctrl-y delete_line
ctrl-z undo
cursor-down move_down
cursor-left move_left
cursor-right move_right
cursor-up move_up
delete delete
dropped-files open_dropped_files
end move_eol
enter insert_line
escape eval
f1 help
f10 record_macro
f11 zoom_out
f12 zoom_in
f2 build
f3 seek_next
f4 word_wrap_paragraph
f5 seek_misspelled
f6 seek_repeated_word
f7 play_macro
f8 unmark
f9 mark
home move_bol
insert toggle_insert
mouse-drag mouse_drag_mark
mouse-left-button move_to_mouse_position
mouse-middle-button move_to_mouse_position
mouse-right-button move_to_mouse_position
mouse-wheel-down move_mouse_wheel_down
mouse-wheel-up move_mouse_wheel_up
page-down move_pgdn
page-up move_pgup
shift-tab insert_real_tab
space insert_space
tab insert_tab


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