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A bunch of software updates (ahxm 1.0.13, artemus 5.0.1, grutatxt 2.0.16)

Many of my programs have had minor modifications in previous months; it's release time.

Ann Hell Ex Machina (1.0.13)

  • Added win32 support.

Artemus (5.0.1)

  • The %% keyword returns the full extended hash.
  • Fixed processing of file templates returning 0.
  • A new function template dump, to dump an expression using Data::Dumper.
  • Fixed a bug in processing ARTEMUS_STR.

Grutatxt (2.0.16)

  • New table of contents generation, triggered by the --toc command line argument or by adding a special mark inside the text.
  • Mailto URLs are also processed.

Other pieces of software will have new releases real soon, but they deserve their own news entry.

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Visitor comments

John Crowe
Thanks for the Grutatxt update, I thought it was unmaintained. the TOC is great.

Angel Ortega
You're welcome. No, Grutatxt is not abandoned, but it's considered finished and in a pure bugfix maintenance mode.