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Minimum Profit 5.1.4 released

I've just released version 5.1.4 of the Minimum Profit Text Editor. It features the following:

  • If a block is selected, any keystroke substitutes it.
  • Support for Alt + keys (ASCII and movement) has been added, and mostly left unbound to be used by the user for his own keybindings.
  • A new tab mode, which uses the previous line as a template for tab columns.
  • Fixed action open_under_cursor.
  • The mp.paste() function returns the clipboard content as a string if called without arguments.
  • New Grutatxt syntax highlighter.
  • Fix F10 in Win32.
  • Fix a bug when calculating the drawing position in the selected block, that were leading to crashes.

Full source code and MS Windows binaries are available as always.


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