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Minimum Profit 5.2.1 released

I'm proud to release a new version of the Minimum Profit Text Editor, including the following:

  • New actions:
    • indent_block: Indents the current line or the selected block.
    • unindent_block: Reverse of indent_block.
  • New features:
    • ~/.mp_templates can be a directory. If it is, the global file there is always read (and those templates put at the top) and it will also read a file named like the current syntax highlight definition (so different templates appear if you're editing C, Perl, etc.).
  • New configuration options:
    • mp.config.smart_bol: if set to nonzero, the move_bol action now moves to the first non-blank character in the line instead of to column 0 (unless the cursor is already on the first non-blank).
  • Other improvements:
    • The following actions accept additional arguments when called as functions (and do not ask for them, if present):
      • goto
      • save_as
      • exec_command
      • filter_selection

Which basically means that it features work by fellow developer Jeremy Cowgar. Meanwhile, I've been procrastinating, breaking things and fixing them back by reverting the changes. I promise to be more diligent in next iteration.

If you are into MPSL programming, you may also be interested in the changes it got:

  • New features:
    • An abbreviated way of defining hashes (ala JavaScript).
  • Bugfixes:
    • Several fixes to for() construction: fixed incorrect calling order and for (;;) is accepted for infinite loops.

There have also been some optimizations into MPDM, but they are not worth mentioning.

On another subject, I'm worried about the amount of email and web traffic (or the lack thereof) about Minimum Profit. Do any of you still use it? Are you still interested? Do any of the subscribers to the mailing list still read it? If you do, please write to me at and say something.


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Victor Moral
Pues si te sirve de ayuda te comunico que tu editor es el que me salva el culete cada vez que tengo que emplear un windows y hacer un cambio en un archivo de texto.

Así que sí, yo lo uso al menos.

Ángel Ortega
@Víctor: anda, qué sorpresa. Me alegro de que te resulte útil.