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Minimum Profit 5.2.0 released

I've just released version 5.2.0 of the Minimum Profit Text Editor. It features the following:

  • New actions:
    • filter_selection: to filter the selection (or the full document if no selection is done) through a system command.
    • exec_action: that shows a list of actions to execute on the current document.
    • cut_lines_with_string: that cuts to the clipboard all lines in a document or block that matches a regular expression.
    • insert_real_tab: bound to shift-tab, to insert a tab character (\t) regardless of whatever is set in the tabs_as_spaces configuration variable.
    • insert_next_item: to insert a new enumeration item in a document.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed insert / overwrite mode.
    • If a selection is invisible (incomplete or with the start and end in the same character), a new keystroke does not jump to it.
  • New configuration options:
    • mp.config.hw_cursor: to activate the hardware cursor in text environments (disabled by default).
  • Text user interface improvements:
    • File opening list is fully navegable (directories up and down),
    • Selection lists accept letter keys to jump to elements,
    • If a text mode menu panel do not fit vertically on the screen, menu items are scrolled as needed.
  • New command line options:
    • -txt: force text mode (instead of GUI).
  • General improvements:
    • If a block is selected, actions word_wrap_paragraph, join_paragraph and eval_doc act only on it.
    • The internal engine has been partly rewritten, so it requires less memory and it's a bit faster.


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