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Minimum Profit 5.1.2 released

A new version of the Minimum Profit text editor has been released. It includes the following features:

  • The grep action can now be recursive.
  • New syntax color for special documentation blocks.
  • Fix searching into empty selected blocks (this was bug #1269).
  • New action section_list, that shows a list of sections in the current document to jump to. Sections are usually function definitions and special marks in programming languages.
  • New action seek_misspelled, to search the next misspelled word. It has been assigned to keycode f5.
  • New action ignore_last_misspell, to add the last misspelled word found by seek_misspelled to a whitelist so it won't be found again.
  • New action seek_repeated_word, to search for words starting or ending with the same number of letters up to a maximum distance. It's controlled by the new configuration directives mp.config.rw_num_chars and mp.config.rw_max_dist. It has been assigned to keycode f6 (this keycode was previously assigned to join_paragraph, which has no keybinding now).
  • The action open_templates_file has been fixed.
  • Several GTK interface updates by fellow developer Sebastian Vöcking.
  • New command line option -d, to change the working directory.
  • Several fixes to the win32 driver; word wrapping, combobox drop-down sizes, underlined text.
  • Avoid hanging if the external ispell program is broken.
  • The dump() function now dumps its argument as MPSL code.


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