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Minimum Profit 5.1.3 released

A new version of the Minimum Profit text editor has been released, including the following features:

  • A new Qt4 driver (adapted from the KDE4 driver).
  • A new hexadecimal viewer.
  • New action 'open_dropped_files', to open files dropped from the underlying system GUI.
  • Improved file encoding autodetection by looking at the UTF BOM marks.
  • New configuration option keep_eol, to keep the original end of line sequence each document had.
  • Fixed some clipboard issues, as replacing the selected block when pasting and some crashes.
  • win32 executable has been renamed to mp-5.exe.
  • The status line format string can also include the %e token to show the encoding used by the document.
  • Fixed win32 input processing in non-latin environments.
  • Setting an empty encoding (to fall back to system defaults) always work.


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