Un naufragio personal

Ángel Ortega

Sandra in the Box

Music and lyrics by Angel Ortega, 2001

Appears in


 I live inside a box
 Well, it's not much of a box
 but I live inside it anyway
 They put me here one day during the war
 saying my body was too damaged
 to go on by its own
 So someone thought it will be a good idea
 to test one of those life keeping devices
 New technology for old problems
 And took my mind and dropped my flesh;
 my name is Sandra and I'm made up of wires
 They talk to me from a network,
 from time to time
 Yes, I'm connected to a network;
 hundred of men a day are having sex with me
 using some new technology apparatus
 It hurts
 I'm something like a circus freak
 I don't have a body, but some machine
 recreates one to every horny bastard
 with a credit card that wants to fuck me
 I dream of pulling the plugs
 but I've no hand to do it
 If you read this message
 please spread it