Un naufragio personal

Ángel Ortega

The Fire Within (Jump Into Oblivion)

Music and lyrics by Angel Ortega, 2000

Appears in


 how many times I felt like this
 how many times wasting the fire within
 i watch you from the distance
 remembering i had you,
 here between my arms
 you leaved me when you knew
 i wasn't what you hoped
 it's not nice to realize
 of being socially challenged
 i know I'm not funny
 not like the men you go out with
 but remember I was there
 when you had nothing
 nothing but a cold empty heart
 and how we spent so many nights
 dancing never let me down again and
 a lover spurned
 you little stupid bitch
 i hear you laughing
 and it's like laughing about me again
 but you can feel lucky
 if i just obey the voices i hear
 telling me to kill you
 i'm here feeling the fire within again
 by the river we shared
 everything remains the same
 your stupid smile of bitch
 echoes forever
 but now it's only the bridge,
 the river and me
 i'll jump into oblivion
 good night