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More on Indieweb / federation support

I keep diving the complex world of the IndieWeb and the Fediverse. This time I'm adding support for WebSub via the Bridgy Fed service: it's supposed to behave as a bridge between Webmentions and Mastodon and other services based on ActivityPub and/or OStatus.

As always, I'm not really sure if I fully understand the concepts or if I'm just cargo-culting everything.

Maybe I'm too old for this 🤐.

Re: Webmention support for static sites

fluffy said:

"Ah, just to clarify, WebSub isn’t required, it’s just supported — it’s just one of the things Pushl supports. I hadn’t considered offline support as something that someone might want, so for that use case Gruta is definitely a better choice."

Cool, I understand. I'm still in the process of digesting the vast sea of information that is IndieWeb and praise the incredibly active and imaginative people there.

I also find the JavaScript snippet you wrote that pastes the Webmentions directly into the page very interesting; it is great for static sites like mine. I will use it sooner or later.

I have some concerns about the risk of spam once these protocols hit mainstream, though. I know the IndieWeb people have this in mind.

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Re: @tripticonomicon wow this is awesome!

Regarding my aov-atom-to-webmention script, Greg McVerry said:

"@tripticonomicon wow this is awesome! Congrats. I hope you can make theb#IndieWeb Summit as a remote attendee."

I would love it!

Re: Webmention support for static sites

Regarding my aov-atom-to-webmention script, fluffly said:

"That’s cool, but did you happen to see my tool Pushl that does the same thing? It has a few other features like feed autodiscovery, WebSub, and RFC5005 archive backfilling. And it’s pip-installable!"

Oh, yes, and it's great; I just wanted something much simpler. I took a look at it, but some requirements (like my ATOM feed needing WebSub compliance, which I didn't know the meaning of, and other things that I sincerely didn't understand) made me wish for something more straightforward. I run my script on the same computer that stores my atom.xml file, so I have no need for download support and/or caching further than knowing the timestamp of the file.

Your software is cooler and has more future than my quick hack. Keep the good work.