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Minimum Profit Configuration Directives

The following configuration values can be set in the configuration files, executed from the command line or from the Execute MPSL code... option in the Edit menu. So, for example, if you always want automatic indentation, word wrapping at column 75 and a special ispell command, you can add the following MPSL code to ~/.mp.mpsl or /etc/mp.mpsl:

 mp.config.auto_indent = 1;
 mp.config.word_wrap = 75;
 mp.config.ispell_cmd = "aspell -a";

All configuration variables are in the mp.config hash.


If set to non-zero, the ANSI driver shall use the GUI colors instead of the text ones. Obviously, it should only be used in terminals that support RGB color mode; almost all modern terminal emulators do (default: 0, use standard text colors).


Set to 1 if automatic indentation is wanted (default: 0, no indentation).


Number of seconds for the automatic saving of files. If set to 0, auto save is disabled.


Set to 1 to automatically load / save sessions on startup / exit (default: 0, no automatic sessions).


Set to 1 if searches are to be done in a case-sensitive way (default: 1).


The external command to be executed when a tag search is requested. By default is ctags *. Other useful value is ctags -R, that search for tags recursively in subdirectories.


Selects dark (1) or light (0) color modes (default: 1).


Set the screen width (in characters) where the double page mode is automatically enabled. If no double page mode is desired, set it to 0 (default: 120).


Set to 1 if tab columns are to be inferred from the previous line (default: 0).


Set to 1 to select scrolling by half screen jumps instead of line-by-line (default: 0).


The end of line character sequence. By default is "\n" on Unix/Linux systems or "\r\n" on MSDOS / Windows.


The font face to be used in GUI environments. By default it's "Mono" on Qt4, GTK and KDE4 and "Lucida Console" on MS Windows.


The font size to be used in GUI environments. By defaults it's 12 on Qt4, KDE and GTK and 10 on MS Windows.


The font weight to be used in GUI environments. It's a floating point number from 0 to 1, where lower values give thinner fonts and higher values bolder ones. The special value 0 (default) means don't care about the font weight.


Set to 1 if the replace operation must be done to the end of the file (default: 0, do it only once).


The title to be used when exporting a mptxt file to HTML (default: the output file name).


In text modes, moves the hardware terminal cursor to the position of the file editing cursor. Some terminals interfere with the cursor color used internally (default: 0).


The external command to be executed as a pipe for spellchecking. It must be compatible with ispell, and by default it's "ispell -a". Other useful values are "aspell -a", if you have aspell installed (a better alternative), or "ispell -a -Tutf8", if you happen to be in an UTF-8 environment and must use ispell.


If this option is set, each document will keep its original end of line sequence when saved. If not set, the string set in mp.config.eol will be used regardless of the original one (default: 1).


Set to 1 to store session information in the currently working directory instead of in the home directory (default: 0, save sessions in the home directory).


Additional flags for the make program (if you have a 4-core CPU, it's useful to set it as -j 4) (default: '').


If set to 1, end-of-line characters are marked with a special character, instead of being invisible (default: 0, don't mark).


Set to 1 if the GUI window must open maximized (default: 0, no maximize).


The line number to be set the cursor to when a successful search is hit (default: 5). If set to 0, the position is not touched.


Set to 1 to disable mouse support in Curses and win32 console modes (default: 0).


The number of lines to read above the first visible line to calculate syntax highlight in blocks (default: 60 lines). There is probably no need to change this, unless using very big comment blocks or the like.


If set, the grep action is done recursively (default: 0).


Font face to be used in RTF exporting as normal text. Default is "Times New Roman".


Font size to be used in RTF exporting for normal text. Default is 12.


Font face to be used in RTF exporting as verbatim text. Default is "Courier New".


Font size to be used in RTF exporting for verbatim text. Default is 10.


RTF export code for centered paragraphs.


RTF export code for default paragraphs.


RTF export code for first paragraphs.


RTF export code for normal paragraphs.


RTF export code for verbatim paragraphs.


Used by the seek_repeated_word action as the maximum distance two similar words must be separated apart to be considered a repetition (default: 40 words).


Used by the seek_repeated_word action as the number of characters (from the start or the end) two words must match to be considered similar and taken into account for repetitions (default: 4 characters).


Set to 1 to show line numbers to the left of the document (default: 0).


If set, the move_bol action will first move the cursor to the first non-whitespace character on the line. If the cursor is already on the first non-whitespace character the the cursor will move to column position 1 (default: 1).


The status format string to be shown in the status line. By default it's "%m%n %x,%y [%l] %R%O %s %e %t", where each percent-value means:

Tag Description
%V Current MP version
%m Modify flag (asterisk or the empty string). If there are pending disk operations (e.g. the file is still being loaded or saved) an exclamation mark is shown instead
%x X coordinate (column)
%y Y coordinate (line)
%l Total number of lines in current document
%R Macro recording flag (R or the empty string)
%O Overwrite flag (O or the empty string if inserting)
%s Syntax highlight in use
%t Tag target over the cursor, or the empty string if none
%n Document name
%e Encoding used in the file, or the empty string if using current locale
%w Number of words in the current document (or in the current selection, if any). Slow in big documents.
%u Unicode codepoint of the character under the cursor
%W Visuap wrapping on flag (W or the empty string)
%% A percent sign


Set to 1 if tabs must be converted to spaces (default: 0, no conversion).


Tab size in column spaces (default: 8).


The format for the time stamp (default: "%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S %z").


The font size when exporting an mptxt file to troff.


The page height when exporting an mptxt file to troff.


Maximum number of undo levels per document (default: 100).


Set to 1 if the file must be unlinked just before being overwritten (default: 1, do it).


If set to nonzero, extended Unicode characters are used in several places like text menus, special characters, games, etc. If set to 0, uses only ASCII or ISO8859-1 characters (default: 1).


If set to nonzero, lines longer that the window or terminal are wrapped automatically to the next line (showing a special mark that a special, soft-break happened). If set to 0, long lines are cropped beyond the right margin (default: 0).


The column where word wrapping occurs (default: 0, no word wrapping).

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