Un naufragio personal

Ángel Ortega

Thoughts on Writing by Cat Valente

Part 2

"And know that someone, always, will not like your work. Those voices sound louder than the ones who love it sometimes, because we are human and hurt easily. Because these books are pieces of our hearts bound in glue and cardstock. If you can't fake grace, just don't read your reviews. Reviews are a brutal kind of crack: when they're good you feel you can conquer the world and everything is fine. When they aren't, it's a painful come down from the level of ego it took to write a book in the first place. All these things are normal. A mask of grace will get you further than Hulking out on every blog that reminds you of how much painful, painful rejection and misery comes stapled to the contract.

Carrie's mom was right: they're all going to laugh at you. Bucket of blood is not actually the answer."


Part 3

"Take one (1) unformed character, be they protagonist, antagonist, comic relief, or BFF, then: 1) Give them something to want, 2) Give them something to hide, 3) Give them something to fear, 4) Give them something to obsess over, 5) Then hurt them."