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Ángel Ortega

If Zoom Is Wrong, So Is Apple

Jeffrey Paul on sleazy lies Zoom and Apple try to make us swallow:

Apple (and the FBI and US military intelligence, by extension) can easily look at your photos, see the genitals of yourself and your loved ones, read your private notes, and read all of your message history, including iMessages and SMSes!


Apple, like Zoom, has danced around this, saying that your chat histories in your device backups and private notes and photos are “encrypt[ed] in transit” and “encrypt[ed] on server”.

In both cases, they’re encrypted with Apple’s keys, not yours. This is exactly the same situation as Zoom’s current encryption, and it’s exactly as unacceptable, for exactly the same reasons.

As it's said there, If Zoom is wrong for doing this, then so is Apple, and they should be subject to the same criticism, but people is always unexplainably indulgent with Apple's bullshit.