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Remotely Installing OpenBSD on a Headless Linux Server

Plaintext HTTP in a Modern World

An interesting solution by Joshua Stein that implements HTTPS redirections only for modern browsers while still serving plaintext HTTP for older ones. Here is an nginx configuration snippet:

server {
    server_name example.com;
    listen *:80;
    listen *:443 ssl http2;

    set $need_http_upgrade "$https$http_upgrade_insecure_requests";
    location / {
        if ($need_http_upgrade = "1") {
            add_header Vary Upgrade-Insecure-Requests;
            return 301 https://$host$request_uri;


The Upgrade-Insecure-Requests HTTP header (with a value of 1) is sent by modern browsers when they connect through non-encrypted connections.


State machines are wonderful tools

Chris Wellons:

I love when my current problem can be solved with a state machine. They’re fun to design and implement, and I have high confidence about correctness [...]

Inspired by a puzzle, I came up with this deterministic state machine for decoding Morse code. It accepts a dot ('.'), dash ('-'), or terminator (0) one at a time, advancing through a state machine step by step [...]


Scroll Back: The Theory and Practice of Cameras in Side-Scrollers

The 2020 Linux Foundation annual report

The Linux Foundation 2020 Report document was written on a Mac with MacOS. Why are you a fucking lie, Linux Foundation?


Firefox drawing optimization for OpenBSD and Linux


  • Open about:config.
  • Set layers.acceleration.force-enabled to true.
  • Set gfx.xrender.enabled to true.


PAM Bypass: when null(is not)ok

A catastrophic security failure due to Arch Linux sloppy maintainers and the fucking mess that is the Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM):


You might not need machine learning

HP Invents Printer-As-A-Service

HP has reached a new level on motherfuckery:

HP has begun a new program called the "HP Instant Ink" plan. Under this plan, printers monitor how many pages are printed, and HP bills customers monthly. If a customer does not pay his bill, his Instant Ink cartridge stops working. [...] And, according to Paragraph 10a of HP's terms of service agreement, HP makes no guarantees that Instant Ink cartridges will arrive on time or that they will work. So, if the inkjets in a cartridge clog, HP is not responsible.


It’s Time for Twitter to Die