Ann Hell - Horror Movies (MINI CD, 1998)

Ángel Ortega

Demo CD with a prerelease of the latter Music for Horror Movies. As a bonus track includes a piano version of The Stars Inside from the CD 1896 and a cover of Depeche Mode's Behind the Wheel.

All titles composed and arranged by Angel Ortega except Behind the Wheel by Martin L. Gore / Depeche Mode, arranged by Angel Ortega.

Voice, guitars, keyboards and programming by Angel Ortega.

(C) Angel Ortega 1998

Full album download.

  1. The Survival Guide - 05:05
  2. Whispering Walls - 03:49
  3. Never Trust a Scarecrow - 04:13
  4. Crushed and Smashed - 03:32
  5. The Stars Inside (piano) - 02:16
  6. Behind the Wheel