Ann Hell Lyrics

Ángel Ortega

Bag of Heads

Hounds breathing near your tracks
Your heart pumping in your chest
Crossing the fields like a raging bull
As the night falls across the land
He was the hunter now is the prey
Carrying a gun, and a bag of heads


Inner sea under the burning sun
calling me the guilty of a crime
a million miles so long lost in the desert sand
undercover of this sinner light
my hidden name is more than you will never know of me
- that's the crime

Don't Look Back (Never Look Back)

your ghost is back at home
he's behind you
hear his little footsteps

don't look back never look back

it was so many years ago
you driving drunk over the child

it's hard to be a normal man
when someone whispers in the dark
little boy with bloody face
trapped inside the car engine

don't look back never look back



The long line of losers
move slowly across the dusty road
carrying over their shoulders
the sorrow of a thousand years

What is our unforgivable sin?
They ask to their god
their empty hands and bitter hearts
up to the sky

like dead beings they still sail
and the sea is their blood
and the sand is their flesh

Garam Masala II (What Kind Of Lie)

worthwhile dilemmas
as the beat goes on
a line has two sides

overtly resist
give way to your worst impulse
emphasize the flaws

disciplined self-indulgence
allow an easement
very quietly

don't stress one thing more
into the impossible
look at the order

abandonment of stricture
the words need changing
hidden intention

what is the reality
simple substraction
words from the machine


The harbour whistles are calling me
My long journey starts here
I can hear the waves
And the engine of the sea;
I must become a part of this

I Am Earth

I am earth
I am part of the ground
Life spawns over me
The earth resurrects
because I'm dead
Who can ever imagine
being dead is like this
Back to earth
But I'm not alone


Future is hopeless
Mistakes will teach us nothing
cos' there's nothing to fight for

You've got to pay the price
I'm lost in a sea of vice
What's the game we're playing
Golden promises

Smoke in your eyes
And dreams of dark and blue
Disappointed on and on

The party's over
I ran through the woods
Beyond the clearing
Alone with the night

And I sat on the floor
Where are we going
Sinking, you and me
Words have nonsense

At the still point of destruction
Deliverance is hopeless
Disappearing is the sentence

Perpetua luz en la torre del loco

Author: Antonio García Sánchez

Serafín mortífero,
Golosina pegajosa,
Balandro caprichoso,
Perpetua luz en la torre del loco.


I don't believe in anything
so don't talk me about hope

The paradox of life is this:
can't stop and can't go on

I don't want to go on living

poison me

Sandra In The Box

I live inside a box
Well, it's not much of a box
but I live inside it anyway
They put me here one day during the war
saying my body was too damaged
to go on by its own
So someone thought it will be a good idea
to test one of those life keeping devices
New technology for old problems
And took my mind and dropped my flesh;
my name is Sandra and I'm made up of wires
They talk to me from a network,
from time to time
Yes, I'm connected to a network;
hundred of men a day are having sex with me
using some new technology apparatus
It hurts
I'm something like a circus freak
I don't have a body, but some machine
recreates one to every horny bastard
with a credit card that wants to fuck me
I dream of pulling the plugs
but I've no hand to do it
If you read this message
please spread it

Save Me From Heaven

And this is another story...

Trapped among a million words and lies
bound by laws written by people dead
many years ago
Trapped among a million words and lies
she lives her deaf existence in dreams

I can't understand this stupid load of crap
This is the only thing I can promise to you

Save me from heaven (save me from heaven)

She waits in silence
keeping the uncountable shelfs
of soul boxes and tear bottles
What can we do now?
Just wait with her and
get redemption through suffering

This is one way of making you shiver
and this is another

Riot (save me from heaven)

Save me from heaven (save me from heaven)
Save me from heaven (save me from heaven)

And this...
this is probably not what you hoped

The Abyss Attraction

How can you explain this anxiety inside your veins
and warm this unbearable snatch of fury
a life is betrayed between your hands
dripping and tearing

you feel the abyss attraction
you feel the abyss attraction

how can you get better when you feel pleasure inflicting pain
and no one is there to make you see you are wrong
loose your body in rooms of misery
all your senses are useless

you feel the abyss attraction
you feel the abyss attraction

The Fire Within (Jump Into Oblivion)

how many times I felt like this
how many times wasting the fire within

i watch you from the distance
remembering i had you,
here between my arms

you leaved me when you knew
i wasn't what you hoped
it's not nice to realize
of being socially challenged

i know I'm not funny
not like the men you go out with

but remember I was there
when you had nothing
nothing but a cold empty heart

and how we spent so many nights
dancing never let me down again and
a lover spurned
you little stupid bitch

i hear you laughing
and it's like laughing about me again
but you can feel lucky
if i just obey the voices i hear
telling me to kill you

i'm here feeling the fire within again

by the river we shared
everything remains the same
your stupid smile of bitch
echoes forever

but now it's only the bridge,
the river and me
i'll jump into oblivion
good night

The Man Who Slaughtered Baby Jane

The man who slaughtered baby jane
is sitting there in front of you
fear him
he's a horror movie nightmare

Doctors said he's insane
cos he had a hard childhood
he was ravished when a boy
but who cares

The man who slaughtered baby jane
severed her in little pieces
cut the flesh
with some canadian chainsaw

Packed her in cardboard boxes
and sent them to family and friends
no one knows where
went some of these boxes

The man who slaughtered baby jane
died tonight by justice's hands
someone said he slaughtered her

Whispering Walls

Whispering walls
Whispering walls
Don't buy a house with
Whispering walls
Whispering walls
Never again

You're Different and That's Bad

Take some time to realize
take some time to be aware
take some time to feel the pain
take some time to