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Ann Hell - Music for Horror Movies (special 2008 edition)

This is a special edition of Ann Hell - Music for Horror Movies (CD, 1998). The cover of The Cure's A Forest has been dropped, and three special remixes of including one by guest artist Dr. Gore 2000 included.

  1. Nightmare of Assymmetry
  2. The Man who Slaughtered Baby Jane
  3. Whispering Walls
  4. Never Trust a Scarecrow
  5. Crushed and Smashed
  6. Mr. Pumpkin's Revenge
  7. The Survival Guide
  8. You're Different and that's Bad
  9. Whispering Walls (Face of Death Mix)
  10. Whispering Walls (Hall of Mirrors Mix)
  11. Whispering Walls (Dr. Gore 2000 Mix)
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