Ángel Ortega III

Un naufragio personal

Ann Hell - That Golden Age (Tape, 1989)

Promo tape with remastered Kaplan themes.

Synths, keyboards, vocals and drum machines by Angel Ortega.

Lyrics and music by Angel Ortega.

A Side

  1. Independence
  2. Bunishment so Apart
  3. Traveller
  4. Acetilsalicílico 0,5 gr (A House)
  5. Repulsion
  6. Broken Time
  7. Tear of Pleasure (extended remix)

B Side

  1. Piscis
  2. That Wasteland
  3. Slaves to the Light
  4. Mare Tenebrarum
  5. Mi vida como un Susurro
  6. Master is not Dead
  7. Night in Bruxelles
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