Una espina en la garganta

Ángel Ortega

Abby Norman:


"Yet there is this new voice in your head, and even though it says horrible and scary things to you, it is the calmest and sweetest voice you’ve ever heard. Somehow, this voice you know you should be afraid of gives you comfort. “It can all be over right now”, it offers you, “it’ll only hurt for a second”. You argue with this voice because you know you should."

"But my family needs me. My friends will miss me, right? “No, no. They won’t. You are a burden to them. They are frustrated with you because you’re not getting any better. You drag everyone down, you see. They will miss you a little bit, but mostly they will be relieved. You should absolutely leave this world, it will be the best way for you to help them, to help the whole of humanity in fact.”"

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