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Ángel Ortega

On Jerry Kindally's blog I've found the following comment about Ann Hell in this article:

"Ann Hell (also known as Angel Ortega) has some interesting MP3s of goth-industrial type music. The diverse list of influences (from Marc Almond to Sinead O'Connor to NIN to Claude Debussy) is impressive in and of itself, but really, the music is all you need to hear. Of the sixteen tracks availble for download, I particularly enjoyed "Save Me from Heaven," in which religion becomes a newscast read by a robot. Really."

It's still surprising to me that Save Me from Heaven is usually the favourite.

Also, on an article curiously named The Orgasmo Song, an italian site comments on Ann Hell's cover of Je T'aime Moi Non Plus:

"Altra versione gothicheggiante, realizzata nel 1998, sembra essere quella della band underground Ann Hell, contenuta nell'album "The butterfly experiment", una raccolta di cover di celebri brani dark. Mentre il pezzo di..."

Don't you love that gothicheggiante word? Italian is awesome.

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