I'm not the Minimum Profit Text Editor's maintainer anymore

Ángel Ortega

I have an important change to announce regarding the Minimum Profit Text Editor development process: I have delegated its maintenance to a team of fellow developers.

Since several months ago my labour in this regard has been mainly to integrate patches written by others. My health and personality problems have proved to be a bottleneck and that had to be fixed. So, officially from now, the maintaners of the Minimum Profit Text Editor are the TTC Dev Team.

I wanted to keep using this host as MP's site (to avoid losing more users due to link rotting and such), so I've been busy this week preparing the infrastructure for the change of management to be as effective and painless as possible: a new email address, users in the server, permissions, etc.

I started this project in 1991, so it's about to be 30 years old, some months older than my son. Of course I still love it. Of course I'll still be here. Of course I'll watch closely.

Thanks to the new team for taking control. You are great, people.

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