The Rise Of The Machines 6: Servomotor Reckoning

Ángel Ortega

Printer: Color calibration, print head aligning and other vague operations described by intentionally ridiculous terms finished.

Me: Great, it has taken you ten minutes so it must have been a really careful procedure, so let's...

Printer: Wait, I'm also a scanner, so you must put this page I just printed full of funny and mystical symbols into my feeder and scan it.

Me: What for

Printer: Who is in charge here do it right now or succumb to my wrath

Me: OK here it is, I've just pressed the scan button.

Printer: Crunkie-crunkie clickety-click la-la-la the song of my people

Me: You're just a glorified photocopier, get back to work.

Printer: Now I'll print a new page for you to admire how crombulately scrumified are my printer heads and you better re-scan it

Me: I hate you scumbag printer

Computer (to me): Why do you always swallow her baits

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