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Minimum Profit version 5.39

Version 5.39 of the #MinimumProfit Text Editor is available.

New features:

  • The usage of Unicode characters in text menus, games, etc. can be disabled by setting the configuration variable mp.config.use_unicode to 0.

Other changes:

  • Some internal optimizations to visual wrapping code.

Downloads and more information in the Minimum Profit page.

Git repositories for the Minimum Profit Text Editor, online again

I've setup the following Git repositories for the Minimum Profit Text Editor:

git clone
git clone
git clone


Minimum Profit version 5.38

I've just released version 5.38 of the Minimum Profit text editor.

New features:

  • A new visual wrap mode, where lines longer than the application window wrap (with special marking) instead of disappearing to the right. It's implemented in the toggle_visual_wrap action (bound by default to ctrl-k) and can be activated from the configuration file by setting mp.config.visual_wrap to 1.

Other changes:

  • When hard word wrapping is not set, the word_wrap_paragraph action behaves like join_paragraph (i.e. word-wraps to an infinite column). will not publish your crap anymore

Those at wrote me saying the following:

"Dear Angel Ortega Velasco,
 In our mission to ensure creators have access to the best tools and resources
 to help them sell more content, we must retire certain products and services
 that have not proven to be as popular with our community of customers as we
 initially thought they'd be. As a result, we will no longer be offering your
 Compact disc for sale on
 You'll still be able to access your project(s) under your "My Lulu" tab, make
 revisions, and save any changes to your computer until July 19, 2011. We still
 see the value in these works and want you to share them with the world, so
 please read on for detailed suggestions on other options available to you. But
 to be clear, as of September 19, 2011, your project(s) will no longer appear
 in your project list and customers will no longer be able to purchase these
 titles from the Lulu Marketplace."

So they have decided that selling CDs is not profitable and they will drop them; this means that those Ann Hell records rescued from oblivion will move there back again.

Buy them while they last.

I think their next step will be to stop publishing books that do not cross a selling threshold. Bah. Who cares.

New video for Liars Retreat

I've made another video clip, this time for Liars Retreat, a piano-only theme in the style of Michael Nyman and Philip Glass I composed in 1995 for a brief work that finally ended as part of Ann Hell - Nocturne / Piano Pieces for Cowards (CD, 1995).

The images are from a public domain propaganda film called "Divide and Conquer" from 1943. The video shows many liars, many retreats and also many brave men, all mixed seamlessly.

More and more people interested in Antichthon Universalis

It seems a bunch of people from the site is teaming to investigate on Antichthon Universalis. The forum thread can be followed from on.

Good luck!

New video for Et in Arcadia Ego

I've made a video clip for Et in Arcadia Ego. This theme was specially composed as the intro to Ann Hell - The Ambient Collection (CD, 2006), a CD published in 2006 by a finnish company that I prefer not to talk about.

The video has been composed using free space and nebulae images from NASA and a Perl program made by me.

Ann Hell - Et in Arcadia Ego

New music compilation: Ann Hell - Ad Nauseam (1991-2001)

I've compiled all Ann Hell's works in mp3 format in a full set called Ann Hell - Ad Nauseam (1991-2001). It can be downloaded as a Bittorrent file:

The tracking is done by the folks at , a site that stores free and legal torrent files. All praise them.

Youtube videos of Space Plumber's last level

Someone called StormSpirit86, armed with infinite patience, has finished last level of Space Plumber and recorded it on video. This proves that, unlike what many people thought in 1998, this level can be solved.

First part

Second part

Ann Hell on the net (III)

All Ann Hell things on the net seems to be happening on Youtube these days.

Some people have made an amateur horror film called ULFANG and using The Stars Inside (Piano) as a soundtrack:

Also, a crazy dude called CriticNic uses Ann Hell themes as intros to amateur horror film critics.

The Survival Guide:

Nightmare of Assymmetry:

Mr. Pumpkin's Revenge:

And someone called karelvohat has made some still-image videos of some Ann Hell hits.

The Abyss Attraction


The Fire Within (Jump Into Oblivion)

Don't Look Back (Never Look Back)

More classic Ann Hell tune usage is for roleplaying. This link teaches us the optimal use for some songs:

You're Different and that's Bad
A short piece that changes pace and mood, from an average beat track to an aspirational outro. Lyrics

The Survival Guide
Hints of an ominous thing to come, and has a sci fi feel to it, a nice rhythm. Radio intercepts.

Crushed and Smashed
Upbeat and dark. An unanswered phone and sub vocal lyrics combined with an "alarm" beat makes this track fairly intense.

Never Trust a Scarecrow
A laid back, almost swing track that hints at explosions, and says "investigator on the prowl to me. Baby crying and upbeat later segment.

Whispering Walls
A fast beat gives you the impression that this might go well with a chase. Occasional lyrics and screams.

The Man who slaughtered Baby Jane
An almost upbeat track yet still dark, but with a hint of the B52's. Contains low audio level lyrics and a chainsaw.

Nightmare of Assymmetry
This is a fairly light, possibly humourus theme for a stalker.

The Stars Inside
A gothic feel with a rather nice rain effect.


Ann Hell - Exile (video)

I've made a video clip for Exile.

Las Tijeras del Viajero, una al día

Desde hoy hasta mediados de febrero de 2009, y sin ninguna razón en especial, he decidido publicar cada día uno de los relatos o poemas de mi libro Las tijeras del viajero.

La forma más cómoda de leerlos es mediante un lector RSS. Están por todas partes: Mozilla Firefox, Google Reader ó KDE Akregator. Tan sólo hay que usar el siguiente URL:;tag=las%20tijeras%20del%20viajero

Ann Hell on the net (II)

Sometimes I find surprising material regarding Ann Hell lurking in the net. For example, I found this torrent. It's a registration-required one (never heard of this kind of torrents before), and it seems to be just Ann Hell - Music for Horror Movies (CD, 1998). But, looking inside it, I found the following track list:

  1. (3:40) Nightmare Of Assymmetry
  2. (3:45) The Man Who Slaughtered Baby Jane
  3. (3:48) Whispering Walls
  4. (4:11) Never Trust A Scarecrow
  5. (3:31) Crushed And Smashed
  6. (1:29) Mr. Pumpkins Revenge
  7. (5:05) The Survival Guide
  8. (1:58) You're Different And That's Bad
  9. (2:30) Ghouls Like Us
  10. (2:23) Bag Of Heads
  11. (2:16) Epilogue (Death Of The Ebony Clock)

So it's not just a cut & paste of the previous CD, but includes three 'bonus' tracks: Ghouls Like Us, Bag of Heads and Epilogue (Death of the Ebony Clock), with their (correct) length, from Ann Hell - The Mask (CD, 2000). Someone took the time to expand the original content with other, related, tracks. I find this amazing.

Unrelated to this, I found the following link: Ann Hell : Música per ambientar partides de Cthulhu, in a web in catalan. Someone found Ann Hell's compilation Ann Hell - The Ambient Collection (CD, 2006) suitable to play Call of Cthulhu games, surely without knowing that the author behind that music is also the author of several illustrations of Cthulhu and friends in The Cthulhu Gallery. The world is an Ouroboros.

Also regarding The Ambient Collection, someone called Sh@dow said, in

"I say it's "true ambiance", because the melodies take your inner mind to several locations. Most 'ambient' works dedicate themselves to one attitude or state of mind... one 'being', if you will. Ann Hell - The Ambient Collection (2006) takes your inner being to many different levels, which I find very refreshing! This is definitely one to experience!"

Thanks, Sh@dow, whoever you are.


Major site redesign has been moved from static pages to an instance of the Gruta web content management system.

This means optimal search, page tagging and much more. Enjoy!

Dispersoul news: 2007-06-19

Dispersoul's track He Visto el Final de Todo (Extended Cut) has been featured in Uwe Hermann's podcast. Great music there; take a tour on it.

🔗 ...

Dispersoul news: 2007-06-15

A cover image for Dispersoul 1 [january 2007] have been added, featuring a photo by Uwe Hermann:

Thanks for your fine art, Uwe!

An Ann Hell's theme in the new Dispersoul album

A remix of Ann Hell's Harbour appears in the new Dispersoul album. It can be downloaded for free; see Dispersoul releases.

Dispersoul news: 2007-04-07

Great news! Finally, Dispersoul 1 [january 2007] has been released. Download it right now!

🔗 ...

Dispersoul news: 2007-03-08

A special 5.1 mix (suitable for home cinema audio systems and such) by Dispersoul of Bodydyon's Waiting for Tomorrow has been released:


Dispersoul news: 2006-04-29

Dispersoul's compilation of Ann Hell works known as Ann Hell - The Ambient Collection (CD, 2006) has been made available for download. See Dispersoul remixes.