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Why the iPod interface is crap

  • You cannot delete songs from the device. So everytime that fucking song starts again, you can do nothing but hope never forgetting to delete it on next sync time.
  • When you browse your songs by artist, only those with an album tag will be shown. Delete all album tags but one for all songs of a given artist for enhanced hilarity.
  • There is no way to play randomly any set, only the full one. So, if you're in the mood to listen those music from the chillout genre, you better fuck yourself and enjoy them in alphabetical order (again).
  • It's too easy to let it playing alone, so next time you pick it from the table, the battery is probably gone.
  • There is no way to enhance their storage capacity with external memory cards or so. Yes, this is on purpose. And yes, this is not an interface issue but a design one. My ass.

Fuck you, Apple. Your interface is shit no matter what your fanboys say.

All this is for the touch wheel ones, never used one of these new touch thingies. Yes, I'm an old fart.