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Ángel Ortega


An embeddable, reverse polish notation programming language

Filp is a stack based, reverse polish notation programming language, not too different from Forth or PostScript (indeed, Filp was an acronym for Filp Is Like Postscript, years before it started diverging from it). It was originally developed as an embeddable scripting language for games, but now is pretty stable and suitable for other tasks as well. Filp's main problem is the lack of good documentation and examples.

This software is released into the public domain.


  • Easily embeddable inside C programs.
  • Reverse polish notation (stack based).
  • Data types: scalars (numeric and string), external integers, reals and strings (from host C program), file descriptors, lists (of other types in the stack), arrays (of any other types, including arrays and hashes), hashes (of any other types, including arrays and hashes).
  • Rudimentary garbage collection.
  • Rich library to manipulate the stack, string management, sprintf and sscanf, boolean operations, basic math, list management (seeking, indexing, reversing, converting from/to scalars), array and hash manipulation.
  • Control structures: if, unless, ifelse, repeat, loop, for, while, switch, foreach, map...
  • File commands for line-buffered and block-buffered files.
  • Compilable as a static or dynamic library.

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