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Ángel Ortega III

Freaks 2002

A remake of Freaks!!! (unfinished 3D game)

Freaks 2002 is a remake of Freaks!!!, a 3D maze and monster smashing adventure development in the mid-90's. The original code was too MSDOS-dependent (including big chunks of Turbo Assembler!), so a remake using the QDGDF library was started to boost portability. On the way, some new features were implemented:

  • Full angle rotation (not limited to the original 90 degree steps),
  • Engine improvements (depth cue lighting, better sounds management),
  • Map definitions and some game logic rewritten in a higher-level language (using Filp),
  • More ambientation (rain, lightning storms, etc).

The game idea is mostly unchanged; the only difference is that life is not replenished after killing a monster, but after passing over a corpse (as if "feeding" from it).

This project is not finished (the code has not changed significantly since year 2002), so some things do not work and there are ocassional crashes (specially in the 3rd episode). If you are interested, please take a look at the TODO file.

This software is released under the GPL license.


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Windows binary