Un naufragio personal

Ángel Ortega

Minimum Profit

A text editor for programmers including the following features:

  • Fully scriptable using a C-like scripting language.
  • Unlimited undo levels.
  • Complete Unicode support.
  • Multiple files can be edited at the same time and blocks copied and pasted among them.
  • Syntax highlighting for many popular languages / file formats: C, C++, Perl, Shell Scripts, Ruby, Php, Python, HTML...
  • Creative use of tags: tags created by the external utility ctags are used to move instantaneously to functions or variables inside your current source tree. Tags are visually highlighted (underlined), and symbol completion can be triggered to avoid typing your own function names over and over.
  • Intelligent help system: pressing F1 over any word of a text being edited triggers the underlying system help (calling man when editing C or Shell files, perldoc with Perl, ri on Ruby...).
  • Understandable interface: drop-down menus, reasonable default key bindings.
  • Configurable keys, menus and colors.
  • Text templates can be easily defined / accessed.
  • Multiplatform: Unix/Linux ANSI and Curses, Qt4/Qt5, GTK+, KDE4, MS Windows (both windowed and console).
  • Automatic indentation, word wrapping, internal grep, learning / repeating functions.
  • Spellchecking support (via the ispell package).
  • Multilingual.
  • Password-protected, encrypted text files (using the ARCFOUR algorithm).
  • It helps you abandon vi, emacs and other six-legged freaks definitely.

This software is released into the public domain.

You can be informed about new releases by tracking the RELEASE_NOTES or AppData MetaInfo.XML files or from inside the program itself.


Git repositories

Older versions

Online documentation



Qt4 / Qt5

GTK+ 3.x

Linux / ANSI

Linux / ANSI (256 color)

Linux / curses

MS Windows

GTK+ 2.x

GTK+ 1.x (version 3.x only)


MacOS X (contributed by Jeremy Cougar)

AIX with GTK 1.x (contributed by Tomas Chan)

AIX console (contributed by Tomas Chan)

The Pipes game inside MP