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Space Plumber

The 3D maze game

Latest version is 1.1.0-rc3.

Space Plumber is a first-person 3d game, not much different to Doom and Quake. The main goal is to reach the extraction pumps before the water level increases swamping everything. Each of the 30 levels that conform the game have progressive difficulty by adding more pumps and consoles that you must deactivate first, and by making the map bigger. There are no enemies, you fight against time and misorientation, and you only have your skills to move inside the maze.

The 1.1.x series are a port to use QDGDF, making it easier to compile in a variety of systems. It's included in the package, so you don't have to download it separately.

This software is released under the GPL license.


Source tarballs

Win32 binary

MSDOS binary (1.0.5)

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