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Ángel Ortega III


A Korg M1 Librarian for MS Windows

WM1 is a librarian for managing patches (sounds) in the vintage syntesizer Korg M1. It lets you communicate a computer with the synth and send or receive patches individually or in groups, just as you would do with a FTP program. It's an MS Windows program. I no longer maintain it.

Download the binary executable and brief documentation (yes, it's about 10 Kbytes):

Source code:

This software is released under the GPL license.

Visitor comments

Rob Healey
Thanks, I downloaded this a few years ago, still using it, would be lost without it.

My M1 still working, went about 16years before I had to replace the battery is my music tuition website

ciao ho provato il tuo programma con xp ma non carica e riceve i suoni della M1 KORG ho collegato i cavi midi ho messo global impostato su canale 1 e poi ENA su sistema esclusivo ma non funziona cosa devo fare ? grazie di tutto (puoi mandarmi una email a

does this still work ? im having trouble when editing my patches, can anyone help me ?

Angel Ortega
I have not tested it on modern systems, but it should. What is the problem you're having?

how do i change the order of my patches? help plz

Angel Ortega
I'm afraid you can only reorder your patches by moving them from/to the M1.

quelqu'un a une solution pour l'installation sur Vista ??? ou me proposer un autre Freeware ? Merci.

Ángel Ortega
To @Yann: WM1 should work without problems under Windows Vista.