Un naufragio personal

Ángel Ortega

ZX Spectrum programs

These are very old ZX Spectrum's programs written by me. You can run these oldies in most Spectrum emulators. All this crap probably means nothing to anyone but my friends and me.

z80 format

Glub , 3D, Katoth, La Huida de Ciro, Diox, Scrollisis [aka Rubbish Rain].

tap format

The Rhun series

Rhun , Demon, Nauta, and Atenas.

Other rarities

Glub [with loader] , Dux, Kraj, Misión Subterránea, Orion-7, Peregrino, Cavernon, Ultimatum, Galope, Glub 2 [incomplete].


my entry on spa2.speccy.org.