Un naufragio personal

Ángel Ortega


This page contains old and outdated software projects originally written by Ángel Ortega. They are archived here for historical reasons. Nobody maintains these programs, so they may be faulty / insecure / no longer functional / whatever. Use them at your own risk.

All this software is released into the public domain.

  • Space Plumber, a 3D maze game for Windows and Linux.
  • Freaks!, a 3D monster-killing game.
  • QDGDF, a simple library to develop cross-platform games (needed for Space Plumber and Freaks).
  • Filp, an embeddable, reverse polish notation programming language (needed for Freaks).
  • Grutatxt, a text to HTML (and other formats) converter.
  • Ann Hell Ex Machina, music creation language and compiler.
  • ahxm-glue, a command-line tool to glue a set of wave files together with some tweaks.
  • WM1, a Korg M1 sound librarian for MS Windows.