Un naufragio personal

Ángel Ortega


Here you can find software packages originally written by Ángel Ortega. Though he no longer works on them, they are still hosted here to avoid link rot. These programs are now maintained by the TTC Dev Team.

  • Minimum Profit, a text editor for programmers.
  • pygruta, a blogging tool with support for ActivityPub, Webmention, Tweeter, static generation and more.
  • ttcdt-cgi-thr, a CGI Throttler.
  • ttcdt-html2epub, a minimal HTML to EPUB format converter.
  • ttcdt-imap-fetch, a tool to fetch the content of an IMAP4 mail server (for backup, NOT sync).
  • ttcdt-sodium, a tool for asymmetric encryption of files using libsodium.
  • ttcdt-monocy, a tool for asymmetric encryption of files using monocypher.
  • ttcdt-dedup, a tool to deduplicate files by using hard links.
  • ahxm-glue, a command-line tool to glue a set of wave files together with some tweaks.
  • ttcdt-huff, a Huffman encoding library (includes a command-line tool from file compression).
  • qw, a minimalistic text editor.
  • Space Plumber, a 3D maze game for Windows and Linux.
  • Freaks!, a 3D monster-killing game.
  • QDGDF, a simple library to develop cross-platform games.

More (unmaintained) software can be found in the Attic or the Oddities pages.