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Search results for tag #cats

Dan McCullough »

Pippin found a loophole in the No jumping up on “counters” rule.

A senior tortie long-haired cat is standing with all four paws flat on a silver Sony stereo system. She is tightly drawn in with her tail tucked behind her, so not much of her fur overhangs the stereo. She is looking back across her body with a slight look of “what am I getting away with”, and “how long can it last?” On the left of the stereo is a headphone stand with headphones, and to the right, a white speaker with black grill. Above everything is artwork featuring koi fish.

SydPark »

Stefano Marinelli »

King of the Rooftop, surveying the world below.

A black cat sits majestically on the terracotta tiles of a roof, looking out at the world with a regal and contemplative expression. The background features a brick wall with an air conditioning unit visible, adding to the urban rooftop setting. The cat's sleek, dark fur contrasts with the earthy tones of the tiles, creating a striking image of feline elegance.

Dave Fischer »

First photo with new phone:

A fat cat is curled up and happy.

jbz »

Google told me to feed him human fingers, so far, so good

Black kitten biting human finger

Angelita »

Aunque para algunos todos los días son domingo

No description

Bruce B »

The kittens are a day over two weeks old and their blue eyes are shining brightly. As if little Larkspur wasn't adorable enough already. Those baby blues are just to die for.

A tiny black kitten with white-tipped front and back paws, a white chest and belly, and a small amount of white on her chin, lying completely on her back and slightly curled up, staring into the camera with her deep blue eyes wide open.


Eric the Flerken Ailurophile »

Graham Perrin »

Willows Cattery

… thank you 💚 for looking after my cats whilst I was out of town.

Not well-known, traditionally word-of-mouth, it's just lovely.

Bill and Pickle are always so chilled and peaceful when I collect them after their time away from home. When I'm next there, I'll take a photo of them …

Lizzy Miller »

Eric the Flerken Ailurophile »

How many cats? ... Just me and my shadow...

a white cat on a couch looks at us. Behind her is a black cat in the same position, looking like her shadow.

PointOfNo »

Cefiar »

Both cats are having a good rest in the sun on this cold Canberra morning.

Bobbin, a tortoiseshell cat, curled up asleep on a black fuzzy blanket, in the edge of a patch of sun. Her tail is covering the end of her nose.Chrissy, a tortoiseshell burmese cat, lying on her side on some browny-grey carpet, in a patch of sun. Her eyes are open.

Anubi »

Moe Lassus »

Jasper has found a nice spot for a nap.

No description

Ann K. »


No description