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Solène »

client Gurk [1] compiles and seems to run fine on (I did not try to connect as I'm not a Signal user).

You can give it a try with:

- doas pkg_add rust gmake protobuf
- cargo install --git gurk

Run ~/.cargo/bin/gurk


EK »

@BeamMeOut BTW, the handbook is awesome but there's one for as well:

Beam me out! »

After two weeks of testing:

+ Simple, yet many things work.
+ Install defaults
+ OpenBSD mailing lists
- driver management
- wifi setup
-/+ manual patching

+ Freebsd handbook
+ Vast port collection
+ Wifi works right after install
+ Upgrade / automated patching
- Laptop media keys not working by default
-/+ Ports building

OpenBSD would be my goto for older machines or server, FreeBSD has enough ports to be usable as daily driver. Looking forward to test it on newer PCs!

EK »

@BeamMeOut I dunno, I find that I am changing the way I do computing as well. I'm learning to do without the ports, and I'm sticking to for now. I just find the simplicity (for me) is more valuable. It's a relatively easy system to maintain and to configure, even I can have moderate success. It's so satisfying I am totally willing to forego some of my favourite apps - that I can use on the Mac anyway... But I think with some more work and handcrafting things it could be a daily driver!

EK »

@BeamMeOut What I find annoying is lack of messaging apps in ports on . I'd love it if there was a app, but there isn't. People's consensus for running it seems to be, “VM + X11 forwarding” - there's some kind of a virtualisation mechanism baked into OpenBSD. I wonder whether that's a good way forward? Dockerising / Virtualising stuff that you can't run by default…?

vermaden »

Latest 𝗩𝗮𝗹𝘂𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲 𝗡𝗲𝘄𝘀 - 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟰/𝟬𝟲/𝟮𝟰 (Valuable News - 2024/06/24) available.

Past releases:

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Stefan Sperling »

@mischa you've saved the graph, thanks!

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Stefan Sperling »

Nice graph! Thanks everyone

Graph showing the progress of Game of Trees hub crowdfunding. A long tail at zero from before donations arrived. Since yesterday the graph has been shooting straight up into the upper right corner.

Alt...Graph showing the progress of Game of Trees hub crowdfunding. A long tail at zero from before donations arrived. Since yesterday the graph has been shooting straight up into the upper right corner.

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BoxyBSD »

BoxyBSD »

is now sponsoring the open-source project: Game of Trees

(Got) is a version control system which prioritizes ease of use and simplicity over flexibility and mainly targeting users.


CC: @thomasadam @stsp @gyptazy


Raven »

Since desktop environments can always change and many new releases came out since last year, I would like to know which desktop environment you currently use?

* Multiple choices possible

KDE Plasma:27
I use a window manager btw.:15
I like cookies:8

Closes in 5:05:41:43

EK »

Is there a port for ?

EK »

@BeamMeOut I’ll try building it as well then. I installed on another laptop and it was awesome - but I still like the simplicity of somehow.

Peter N. M. Hansteen »

samurro »

@stutstev @morgant Its not about "liking". I also like as a concept, but I would not recommend it for general desktop use.

samurro »

@stutstev its a false prophecy. is for people which are interested in the internal working of their operating system, the focus on security comes with its caveats in terms of performance. No desktop user needs this kind of security, privacy should be much more of a concern and there are better alternatives for that in the linux ecosystem.

Morgan Aldridge »

@samurro @stutstev While I do agree that is built by and for developers, I disagree that desktop users don't need the kind of security it provides. Privacy is absolutely important, but OpenBSD is very much the test bed for security features that ultimately other OSes adopt because they turn out to be absolutely necessary. It works very well for desktop & notebook workstations, though it's not for everybody.

Stuttering Steve »

I wish to use as a desktop OS (in place of ), but the lack of a journaling file system is concerning and a deal-breaker. It's truly my last hiccup.

Louis »

Finally, a light in the jungle of hosted Git forges:

> We are building the Game of Trees Hub, a repository hosting service based on and , funded via an open collective.

If you are looking for an Open alternative to GitHub, GitLab, etc., consider showing your support.

Stefano Marinelli »

I'm thrilled to announce that my talk for EuroBSDcon 2024 has been accepted! I am incredibly happy and honored. It will be a fantastic experience. Thank you to the team for your trust!

hakayova »

@solene I never tried yazi myself but watched a video about it today and it looks good too. Would it work on ?

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Hacker News Discussions » 🤖

Matthias Schmidt »

@q3k I really like 's approach. Usually, you configure network interfaces in a file called /etc/hostname.<if> where <if> is the name of the interface.

To avoid the renaming problem, you can also name the file /etc/hostname.XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX so it's bound to the MAC address.

More details in

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Peter N. M. Hansteen »

OpenBSD added initial support for Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite X after 1 day

T.F.G. »

*sigh* ... I'm just such a moron...

trying to solve error messages (see attached pic) for 2 (probably more) hours now without success...

Always had this nerve wrecking "cURL error 6: Could not resolve host:.... " error in the debug logs.

I tweaked nginx.conf and Nextclouds config.php .. with no success ... I edited /etc/hosts .. I edited the networks DNS servers config ... all with no success...

When I used curl the host was resolved just fine...

Then it hit me.

copied /etc/hosts to /var/www/etc/

no more errors. feeling embarrassed as hell. shame on me.

radhitya / al1r4d »

Hi folks,

Can i see your pf configuration?

Stefan Sperling »

​ We are building the Game of Trees Hub, a repository hosting service based on and , funded via an open collective.

Our Git repository server implementation can already be self-hosted on OpenBSD and Linux, but:

1) Not everyone can or wants to self-host.

2) Most people don't need yet another Git hosting service, though some people might appreciate a financially transparent and independent service that supports both public and private repositories, has no intentions of abusing user data, and is not striving for infinite growth.

3) Ever since the Game of Trees project started as a side project in 2017 it has received zero financial support. And with developers growing up and having families with children to support, unpaid work on Game of Trees has been eating its way into working hours. Which is not sustainable in the long term.

Can we make a win-win situation out of this dilemma?

You can now support us here:

For now, this is an early-bird crowd-funding effort to support the initial work on getting the service up and running. Git repository service tiers will appear once the hosting infrastructure is ready. The more initial funds we can collect the faster we will get there.

All software developed will be released under the ISC license, the same open source license terms as used by OpenBSD.

Solène »

@ivpn tested on , , , and a remote device

Peter N. M. Hansteen »

@BrideOfLinux I'm sure there is at least one more path that, which leads to choosing

gyptazy »

Today, one big part of our call was about (made by which is about integrating a gui management interface for beginners for further system management. I also covered the insights, build instructions and a binary pkg in a blog post.

A recording of this part will also be provided soon!

extrowerk »


dfdx »

I have run on for years. OpenBSD has no support for graphics cards. In fact, I have no graphics card installed at all on this server (I never thought I'd need one).

I'd be happy to have ChatGPT-esque features if they relied on models, which don't rely on a graphics card.

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dfdx »

There are some subtle nuances when managing nextcloud on OpenBSD. Mostly, they pertain to understanding and working with OpenBSD's permissions philosophy. But once you grok it, it's a relatively smooth ride. In fact, I've had more problems with the Nextcloud software itself than OpenBSD.

I have found running OpenBSD as a server very rewarding. If you plan on going down this route, just ping me; I will try to help you out wherever I can. I also recommend asking questions in the and IRC channels on libera.

Good luck. You can do it.

Solène »

How to mount ISO or file disk images on OpenBSD

In this article, you will learn how to mount ISO files on OpenBSD or how to make an encrypted disk from a flat file.



Pascal 🎸 🧗‍♂️ 📷 🐡 💻 »

Now my desk is complete!

A blue printed circuit board on my desk. Printed on it are the most common curl parameters.

It's getting used as a coaster

Alt...A blue printed circuit board on my desk. Printed on it are the most common curl parameters. It's getting used as a coaster

Laurent Cimon »

I've been having all kinds of problems with my laptop today. I miss the stability of . Oh well, it's just my bed laptop because of its 1080p screen.

R. L. Dane »

[Update: I think I found the author. More info on a reply to this]

Hey folks,

Does anyone know who runs ?

I'd love to have a downloadable version, either as a PDF or ePUB (or gPUB, or .md, or text ;)

I can't seem to find where it's sourced/created, or an about page or anything.

It's just that I avoid having web browsers on my OpenBSD machine ;)

crft »

Looks like is a no go for testing. The iso file boots, keyboard is detected at the boot> prompt, at the installation menu keyboard input is no longer functioning. First time I've experienced an with this behavior.

Morgan Aldridge »

@crft Bummer! What kind of device and/or keyboard?

My primary keyboard is a Dygma Raise (USB), which doesn't function in the boot prompt, but works afterwards. Fortunately, the built-in USB keyboard in this 2015 MacBook Air (i7) does work during the boot prompt.

I'm not sure if I've seen the opposite situation that you're describing, though I vaguely recall _some_ issue with a keyboard when booted from the USB installer.

EK »

Is there a way to enable full-disk encryption post-install on or am I looking at a reinstall? Made some backups of dotfiles and relevant things in /etc... Just in case... But can I get away with _not_ having to do it?

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vermaden »

Latest 𝗩𝗮𝗹𝘂𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲 𝗡𝗲𝘄𝘀 - 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟰/𝟬𝟲/𝟭𝟳 (Valuable News - 2024/06/17) available.

Past releases:

Antonio Frecentese »

@solene And what did you install? I’m now between and . But the main one still runs .

Unix Weekly » 🤖

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Morgan »

Now that I'm living alone for the first time in 11 years, I've come to the conclusion that I have WAY too many computers. I currently have (in a working state) four laptops (Macbook Air, Dell garbage laptop, HP garbage laptop, glorious Lenovo Thinkpad T420 with ALL the upgrades), three desktops (AsRock A300 mini PC, MeLE Quieter 4C, Mac Studio), three thin clients (HP T620, one converted to retro gaming PC, one converted to router, one doing nothing), a Steam Deck, and a Surface Go 2 running OpenBSD. I'm not including a significant number of Raspberry Pi boards all doing various things (and a few sitting in a drawer waiting to be used).

I need help. Serious help. I'm going to sell or give away all of them except the one AMD mini PC, the Macbook, and the Steam Deck. Selling the Mac Studio because it was stupid expensive even used and I want to recover that money. But the rest are up for grabs for any Fedi folks who need a development platform or just need a computer of some sort because theirs died or something. You cover shipping from Atlanta GA USA and you can have it. Priority will go to anyone wanting something for development/research but I won't discriminate beyond that.

Again, I am serious. Hit me up folks!

vermaden »

Latest 𝗩𝗮𝗹𝘂𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲 𝗡𝗲𝘄𝘀 - 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟰/𝟬𝟲/𝟭𝟳 (Valuable News - 2024/06/17) available.

Past releases:

Laurent Cimon »

I'm trying to get my Wacom Intuos BT S drawing tablet to work on by modifying the uwacom driver. Adding the identifier to the device list and treating it like an Intuos S seems to work, but it attaches 2 devices, so every input is sent twice. I think it's because the tablet has a power button and it's set to on during setup. One device is to make the power button work, the other is for the actual drawing.

I'm trying to find something to differentiate the first from the second so that I can ignore one of the devices. If I can detect it in uwacom_match or uwacom_enable, I can set a flag so that I can ignore the interrupts from the device that's supposed to handle the power button.

Does anyone have any tips on where to look for this difference?

Chuck »

@solene Hi Solene, I did. I'm quite familiar with how NFS works. (well at least how it was designed to work, vs how it may be implemented) What is confusing me at the moment is why would have a different client code base for NFS than ? Any thoughts on that?


Chuck »

And another datapoint. So I installed 14.1 on a machine and used it to NFS mount my FreeNAS NAS device, no issues. So do I put on this hardware and see if it works on this system? Vs not working on the other system? Sigh.

Install #OpenBSD:13
Install #FreeBSD on other HW:6

Chuck »

Continuing on this thread. There seems to be HUUUUGE bug in 7.5, when I put the install75.img on a USB stick and boot it in my bog standard Dell XPS8930 it shows no other disks than the USB stick as install target options! None. If I burn it on a CD and boot if from the built in CDROM it shows 'none' for disks. on the otherhand always sees the hard disk which is installed and can install on it. This seems too egregious to not have been caught early?

Chuck »

What an interesting saga! So the boot issue is related to the Dell BIOS setting 'can RAID' for the SATA controller which confuses the kernel but not the kernel! Changing that allows the disk to be seen, yay! Installed and it has the EXACT SAME ISSUE trying to mount my FreeNAS NAS device over NFS as the Intel NUC did. This same hardware, with installed, has no issue mounting it. The error the OpenBSD side prints is "NFS server not responding"

Chuck »

Which makes me wonder, how long has NFS not been working on ?

libredove »

Is there a way for me to set IPv6 as preferred on OpenBSD?

BoxyBSD »

Distribution of the most used operating systems on . Most users tend to use for their free VM. and (still in beta) share the second place, followed by .

gyptazy » People asked me, if I could share the current distribution stats of the used systems on my service. has taken the lead! and (still beta) share the second place. Unfortunately, follows as the last one.

Chuck »

@solene Its a good suggestion, alas my server is a FreeBSD based FreeNAS from iXSystems which will talk v2 or v3. (and on my Linux clients I forced v3 so they won't have to time out and then step down). Its gonna force me to get wireshark spun up and that is not a good look for

Chuck »

Okay this is really painful. Why can't I mount an NFS filesystem from a system on my system? On Linux or FreeBSD I type "mount nas:/export/foo /foo" and poof, there it is. On I get
NFS Portmap: RPC: Program Not Registered
Like really? NFS uses well known port 2049. So okay, I can tell mount to use port 2049, which I do and then it says
NFS server nas not responding.
Really? I can ssh over to it and look at it serving a bunch of OTHER machines on my network.

Chuck »

So what is the deal here? isn't doing the mount and is giving errors that seem totally sus given that nobody else has an issue with this nas server and mounting its NFS exported volumes. Oh and no complaints in /var/log/messages or /var/log/auth or any log as far as I can tell. Just "not responding" ?

Morgan Aldridge »

@jwz @ChuckMcManis The screenhacks are installed there too on my amd64/7.5-stable system, so it looks like things are installing correctly from the package. I've reviewed the port's Makefile, files, patches, and pkg/PLIST and all looks good and standard.

Morgan Aldridge »

@jwz @ChuckMcManis Thanks, that is helpful! Digging a bit further on amd64/7.5-stable, it appears `xscreensaver-gl-visual` is installed in `/usr/local/libexec/xscreensaver/`, so I wonder if there's just a `PATH` issue or a path that's not being rewritten at make/buil/package time for the port.

Chuck »

Curious why xscreensaver-gl isn't in ports?

Morgan Aldridge »

@ChuckMcManis Do you mean just `xscreensaver` which is in ports?

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Stefano Marinelli »

Friends of the , , and enthusiasts and the entire ,

Curious about ?
Join Florian - @gyptazy - as he dives into its creation, architecture, and community support.
Perfect for BSD beginners and pros alike!

📅 10/06/2024

🔗 Watch now:
🔗 More about BoxyBSD:
🔗 More about the BSD Cafe:

Raven »

OpenBSD is an awesome operating system in my opinion. It simply works after installation and you have things like apmd (power management and energy saving) and vmm (hypervisor) already integrated. I tried it out on my TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro and everything works fine including Wifi and X11. You even have an integrated display manager called xenodm 😃

Peter N. M. Hansteen »

EuroBSDCon 2024 submissions deadline is tomorrow!

Dublin, Ireland September 19-22, 2024

Call for Papers runs until June 15, 2024

Submit at

Stefano Marinelli »

Steven Rosenberg »

You know the world is upside down when you have to boot into OpenBSD to print to a wireless HP printer because Fedora Silverblue just can't make it happen.

#Linux #BSD #Fedora #Silverblue #AtomicFedora #OpenBSD #printingproblems #HP

gyptazy »
Thank you very much! I'm really happy to see how everything works out with the BSD Cafe.

We have passionated people and developers that were brought together by the BSD Cafe, sharing the same mindset, having the same ideas - boosting up the community. Especially the one and also trying to attract , , and all the other awesome flavours to beginners. We see people working and developing new things to make beginners life easier, using service for this (like does with , syncing in the Matrix chat and discussing those things in the calls with the community. Providing deep detailed information, like you did yesterday with your blogpost where on got compared to on (both running on , but also are the important things to boost the visibility of BSD! Also keeping up and together the community is very important. Without this place, many things would have never happen!

Everyone puts his time and efforts in pushing the community, to make it a little bit better by each day.

So, thank you and everyone here!

Stefano Marinelli »

Michael W Lucas¹ »

Mike Karels' family would like to hear from the community about what he meant to us.

The FreeBSD Foundation has set up a page to collect remembrances. If you worked with Mike, please put a few sentences at

The remembrances will be printed out and read at his service.

Thank you.

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Stefano Marinelli »

**BSD Mail Project Update!**

Hello everyone! I wanted to share some exciting updates about the development of BSD Mail, our privacy-focused email service designed with robustness, security, and transparency in mind. Here’s a deep dive into the technical choices I've made, focusing on my use of open source solutions and open protocols:

🌍 **Servers & Location**

- We're running on two physical servers:
- One hosted by OVH in France
- Another by Hetzner in Germany
- Both servers operate on FreeBSD with NVMe drives in a ZFS mirror configuration for speed and data integrity.

🔒 **Virtualization & Security**

- We utilize jails on both servers to ensure isolated environments for different services, managed via BastilleBSD. On one server, jails are set up directly on the hardware, whereas the other server employs nested jails.
- Each server hosts a bhyve VM running OpenBSD with OpenSMTPD for handling SMTP duties securely.

🔗 **Networking**

- A Wireguard setup connects the two servers, facilitating routing capabilities so that jails and VMs can communicate seamlessly, supporting both IPv4 and IPv6.

📧 **Email Services**

- **Dovecot** is configured for maildir replication across the servers using Dovecot sync, ensuring email availability and redundancy.
- **Rspamd** instances are tied to local KeyDB jails, set up in master-master replication for consistent and reliable spam detection and greylisting.
- **ClamAV** runs in corresponding jails for virus scanning, maintaining a high level of security.
- **SOGo** provides a web interface for email management, connected to MySQL databases in master-master replication to handle sessions and authentication smoothly.

💾 **Data Management**

- Email data is stored on separate, encrypted ZFS datasets to secure emails at rest.
- MySQL databases are used for storing credentials and managing sessions for SOGo, also in a master-master replication setup. Importantly, all passwords are securely hashed using bcrypt, ensuring they are salted and safe.

🔎 **Monitoring & Reliability**

- Our DNS is managed through BunnyNet, which continuously monitors our server status. Should one server—or a specific service—become unavailable, DNS configurations are dynamically adjusted to avoid directing users to the affected IP until full service is restored.

🌐 **Commitment to Open Source and Open Protocols**

- Every component of BSD Mail is built exclusively using open source software and open protocols. This commitment is crucial for ensuring data freedom and the reliability of the solutions we use.

This setup not only emphasizes our commitment to privacy and security but also our dedication to maintaining an open and transparent platform.
We're excited to bring you a service where your privacy, data integrity, and freedom are prioritized. Stay tuned for more updates!

Stefano Marinelli »

It's official: the new email hosting service I'll be launching will run on OpenBSD as well. The two OpenSMTPD SMTP servers will operate on two OpenBSD installations.

gyptazy »

⚠️ Weekly Meeting ⚠️

Our first weekly will start on the 25th, April 2024 at 7 PM (GMT+2).

You can find all the details on the wiki:

For the first one, I already created a small agenda ( You are highly encouraged to modify and extend this, as well as upcoming agendas!

Day: Thursdays (weekly)
Time: 7 PM - 8 PM (GMT +2)
Where: (Jitsi)
Info: No recordings, no deep tech dives (keep it simple, we have calls for the details, no pressures to anyone, have fun and enjoy)

When I started the poll to ask for interests in such a meeting I wasn’t sure that even more than 5 people would be interested. I’m happy to see this amount of interested BSD users. I’m aware of the different timezones and it might make sense to have a second timeslot. This one mostly covers the European and near-east users. I’m happy to hear suggestions regarding preferred timeslots for the US, Asia,… so far, I’m happy to see at least a few of you next Thursday in the call!


gyptazy »

⚠️ The BSD Pub ⚠️

Hey Fans!

We all share the same interests - based systems like , and .

We chat all day, sharing thoughts, questions and help. We talk on Matrix across different channels, we share on the . We have's newsletter, we have's and calls and many other ones I can't list here.

Wondering if there would be and interests in the , , etc., for a weekly smalltalk session like in a pub. Just a Jitsi based video/audio call where we can meet, discuss things from newsletter, trending things from the or just have off-topic and openminded discussions. This could result into the meeting.

I know, some people are shy - keep your cam off until you feel comfortable and feel free to join the discussions. Even this meetings should make fun and no pressure - so if someone is not in the mood or can't make it - no worries. No one will judge.

Would you be interested?



Stefano Marinelli »

Sharing some technical details about how I'm setting up the hosted email service. It will not be a service of BSD Cafe but tied to my own business. It will run entirely on BSD systems and on bare metal, NOT on "cloud" VPS. It will use FreeBSD jails or OpenBSD or NetBSD VMs (but on bhyve, on a leased server - I do not want user data to be stored on disks managed by others). The services (opensmtpd and rspamd, dovecot, redis, mysql, etc.) will run on separate jails/VMs, so compromising one service will NOT put the others at risk. Emails will be stored on encrypted ZFS datasets - so all emails are encrypted at rest - and only dovecot will have access to the mail datasets. I'm also considering the possibility of encrypting individual emails with the user's login password - but I still have to thoroughly test this. The setup will be fully redundant (double mx for SMTP, a domain for external IMAP access that will be managed through smart DNS - which will distribute the connections on the DNS side and, in case of a server down, will stop resolving its IP, sending all the connections to the other. Obviously, everything will be accessible in both ipv4 and ipv6 and in two different European countries, on two different providers. Synchronization will occur through dovecot's native sync (extremely stable and tested). All technical choices will be clearly explained - the goal of this service is to provide maximum transparency to users on how things will be handled.

Solène »

Solène »

Running compositor on is very easy (only -current at the moment)

- pkg_add sway
- stop xenodm
- log-in as your user in a tty
- run /usr/local/bin/

that's all

Screenshot of an OpenBSD desktop running the wayland compositor sway

Alt...Screenshot of an OpenBSD desktop running the wayland compositor sway