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Antonio Frecentese »

What about for handling appointments? Hmm… Possibly better than the simpler . I don’t use my pc for appointments/tasks so much, at the moment, but…
Does anyone here use it?

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Bryan Steele »

It's now easier to tell in ktrace/kdump on -current if a process is crashing due to a BTI/IBT violation, as supported on Intel Tiger Lake (11th Gen and up) and Apple M2 CPUs.

deraadt@ modified src/sys/*: create a new code ILL_BTCFI associated with SIGILL for trap faults which
indicate missing indirect branch target instructions (on the two architectures which currently have this). This becomes nicely visible in kdump:

6526 cat PSIG SIGILL SIG_DFL code=ILL_BTCFI addr=0x438fad6a990 trapno=21

ok kettenis sthen miod rsadowski

Joel Carnat ♑ 🤪 »

prx »

users on youbshould know some ports don't work and may require your attention :

Gonzalo Nemmi »

Heal the world
Make it a better place

- Donate to the sticker's fund
- Put your 3d printer to good use and print thousands of ethernet clips to help the Girl and save the world
- Donate to the sticker's fund
- Say "No" to binary blobs
- Donate to the sticker's fund
- Send Nudes

A picture of an 3D printed orange RJ45 clip to secure/repair/fix a broken  tab on an ethernet cable.
The clip is already placed on an ethernet with a missing tab, and ready to be connected to a blue box Netgear switch.

prx »

Is it just me? I can't run ipfs (kubo) on : Error: cannot acquire lock: Lock FcntlFlock of /home/prx/.ipfs/repo.lock failed: function not implemented

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Tomáš »

Only me, the fl👀f. »

So, after we have now a working in ... when we port ...

Victor Moral »

Solène »

Solène »

Running compositor on is very easy (only -current at the moment)

- pkg_add sway
- stop xenodm
- log-in as your user in a tty
- run /usr/local/bin/

that's all

Screenshot of an OpenBSD desktop running the wayland compositor sway