KPS (Kaplan Print Server)

Ángel Ortega

When I worked for the Medical College of Madrid, its stupid management forced me to work with obsolete and frequently broken, old hardware. As I only had a 286/12 as a print server and Netware's own worked so slow and without any possible interaction (to stop a job it made necessary to enter from another computer that I didn't have), I decided to write my own print server that I called Kaplan Print Server. When I leaved that cave that old 286 with KPS still was serving three matrix printers and a laser (I don't know if it's still there, but knowing that enterprise, may be). It not only allowed printing, but it also could communicate with other KPS servers to monitor remote queues. It made possible to rewind jobs, split them and distribute them by pages in several queues (supposing the print jobs were ASCII, common there in that time). The downloadable package includes a sample configuration file, but it's not complete; to learn how to use it, it can be necessary to take a look to the source code.

This source code is compilable under Turbo C and, sadly, it's very MS/DOS dependent (not upon Novell Netware, however).