Ann Hell

Ángel Ortega

Ann Hell was a one man's band formed by Ángel Ortega (vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass and noises) plus several occasional collaborators, specially for on-stage live performances. First works began on 1988 (shortly after the Kaplan band was disbanded) and ended with an official closing in 2001. Ann Hell's music drifts among the industrial, gothic, darkwave, techno, electronic, new age and experimental genres.

Since October 2004, all Ann Hell's works are released into the public domain. You are explicitly allowed to use this music in your videos, films, games, performances, orgies or whatever perversion you experiment with. If you use it, I'd love to know all the gory details, so write me to

You can download plenty of Ann Hell material from The Internet Archive or listen to some Ann Hell's titles on Soundcloud or Youtube. Also take a look at the Diogenes' Syndrome compilation Ad Nauseam, available as a BitTorrent file.

You may also take a look at Dispersoul, another musical project I was involved in.

Some of Ann Hell's songs has been created with the Ann Hell Ex Machina music writing software.

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