Ann Hell on the net (II)

Ángel Ortega

Sometimes I find surprising material regarding Ann Hell lurking in the net. For example, I found this torrent. It's a registration-required one (never heard of this kind of torrents before), and it seems to be just Ann Hell - Music for Horror Movies (CD, 1998). But, looking inside it, I found the following track list:

  1. (3:40) Nightmare Of Assymmetry
  2. (3:45) The Man Who Slaughtered Baby Jane
  3. (3:48) Whispering Walls
  4. (4:11) Never Trust A Scarecrow
  5. (3:31) Crushed And Smashed
  6. (1:29) Mr. Pumpkins Revenge
  7. (5:05) The Survival Guide
  8. (1:58) You're Different And That's Bad
  9. (2:30) Ghouls Like Us
  10. (2:23) Bag Of Heads
  11. (2:16) Epilogue (Death Of The Ebony Clock)

So it's not just a cut & paste of the previous CD, but includes three 'bonus' tracks: Ghouls Like Us, Bag of Heads and Epilogue (Death of the Ebony Clock), with their (correct) length, from Ann Hell - The Mask (CD, 2000). Someone took the time to expand the original content with other, related, tracks. I find this amazing.

Unrelated to this, I found the following link: Ann Hell : Música per ambientar partides de Cthulhu, in a web in catalan. Someone found Ann Hell's compilation Ann Hell - The Ambient Collection (CD, 2006) suitable to play Call of Cthulhu games, surely without knowing that the author behind that music is also the author of several illustrations of Cthulhu and friends in The Cthulhu Gallery. The world is an Ouroboros.

Also regarding The Ambient Collection, someone called Sh@dow said, in

"I say it's "true ambiance", because the melodies take your inner mind to several locations. Most 'ambient' works dedicate themselves to one attitude or state of mind... one 'being', if you will. Ann Hell - The Ambient Collection (2006) takes your inner being to many different levels, which I find very refreshing! This is definitely one to experience!"

Thanks, Sh@dow, whoever you are.


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