Ann Hell on the net (III)

Ángel Ortega

All Ann Hell things on the net seems to be happening on Youtube these days.

Some people have made an amateur horror film called ULFANG and using The Stars Inside (Piano) as a soundtrack:

Also, a crazy dude called CriticNic uses Ann Hell themes as intros to amateur horror film critics.

The Survival Guide:

Nightmare of Assymmetry:

Mr. Pumpkin's Revenge:

And someone called karelvohat has made some still-image videos of some Ann Hell hits.

The Abyss Attraction


The Fire Within (Jump Into Oblivion)

Don't Look Back (Never Look Back)

More classic Ann Hell tune usage is for roleplaying. This link teaches us the optimal use for some songs:

You're Different and that's Bad
A short piece that changes pace and mood, from an average beat track to an aspirational outro. Lyrics

The Survival Guide
Hints of an ominous thing to come, and has a sci fi feel to it, a nice rhythm. Radio intercepts.

Crushed and Smashed
Upbeat and dark. An unanswered phone and sub vocal lyrics combined with an "alarm" beat makes this track fairly intense.

Never Trust a Scarecrow
A laid back, almost swing track that hints at explosions, and says "investigator on the prowl to me. Baby crying and upbeat later segment.

Whispering Walls
A fast beat gives you the impression that this might go well with a chase. Occasional lyrics and screams.

The Man who slaughtered Baby Jane
An almost upbeat track yet still dark, but with a hint of the B52's. Contains low audio level lyrics and a chainsaw.

Nightmare of Assymmetry
This is a fairly light, possibly humourus theme for a stalker.

The Stars Inside
A gothic feel with a rather nice rain effect.


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