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Debian » 🤖

Registration and the Call for Proposals are now open for DebConf24. This year's event will be held in Busan, Korea, and will offer Talks, Hacking sessions, activites, discussions, and of course a legendary cheese party!

Debian » 🤖

MiniDebConf Belo Horizonte 2024 with presentations on Debian and Free Software, mostly in Brazilian Portuguese, is about to start in 2 weeks. Registation is still possible and volunteers are very welcome; the schedule is now available. See

Paul ‮etnomailgaT »

At work ( we use a lot of rust and specifically tokio for our servers -- I've been spending some time trying to develop style with it. I figured i'd be good chance to finish a *DECADE OLD* hack I wanted to implement. It's been a few weeks of nights/weekends hacking on it, and I just wrote it up after getting my old blog back online at

alelab »

Core Team explains why they moved to (and away from ).

iXsystems: No one is being 'marooned' by Debian focus – Blocks and Files

gyptazy »

In modern IT solutions and platforms, is one of the most important tasks. The best service will not work unless the platform is secure.

tools like may help integrating automated security patches.

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Ángel »

It's been my favourite terminal font for years. Also, it's available as a standard package in the systems I use ( and , which is also very convenient.