Un naufragio personal

Software by Ángel Ortega

Programming, libraries and source code management

Web, HTML and text processing

  • Gruta, a blogging tool and web content management system.
  • pygruta, a blogging tool and web content management system (Python rework).
  • Grutatxt, a text to HTML (and other formats) converter.
  • Artemus, a template toolkit.
  • aov-cgi-thr, a CGI Throttler.
  • aov-html2epub, a minimal HTML to EPUB format converter.
  • aov-imap-fetch, a tool to fetch the content of an IMAP4 mail server (for backup, NOT sync).

Music and synthesizers

  • Ann Hell Ex Machina, music creation language and compiler.
  • ahxm-glue, a command-line tool to glue a set of wave files together with some tweaks.
  • ZoltanPlayer, Music playing daemon.
  • WM1, a Korg M1 Librarian for MS Windows.
  • aov-mp3, an mp3 and m3u file manipulator.


System utilities