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de novela negra, realista y de terror. Autor de las novelas YO NO SOY PAVEL (ed. Distrito 93, 2023), EL LEGADO DEL CORNEZUELO (finalista del Premio Domingo Santos de Novela 2021) y LA ATALAYA RECORTADA CONTRA EL CIELO (finalista del Premio Pedro Carbonell 2023). , 1968.

YO NO SOY PAVEL: https://distrito93.com/catalogo/yo-no-soy-pavel/

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I'm experimenting this same thing with Firefox since upgrading to OpenBSD 7.2. Crashing also seem to match the timestamp of pledge "rpath" log messages. I had no time to investigate seriously so I'm not sure what is causing it (sure it's not Mastodon because I don't use it). I also didn't change anything in its global configuration. Also, the rofi tool is crashing 50% of the times I try to run it.

I'll try this weekend to find what it's happening.