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Jon Corbet (LWN.net) on the AI crap that is waiting for us in 2023:
Perhaps this flood of content will prove beneficial [...]. But that outcome does not seem highly likely in the near future. Instead, we're likely to see code submissions from "developers" who do not understand what they are posting; this code could contain no end of bugs and, potentially, license violations. Cut-and-paste programming has long been a problem throughout this industry. It is far from clear that automating the cutting and pasting is going to improve the situation.

AI-generated text has its own challenges. Our mailing lists and forum sites do not lack for people trying to appear authoritative on subjects they do not really understand; how many more will show up when it is easy to get a machine-learning system to produce plausible text with little effort? Even the most ardent believers in the "last post wins" approach to mailing-list discussions will get tired and shut up eventually; automated systems have no such limits. How long until we have a discussion on, say, init systems that is sustained entirely by bots?