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Ángel Ortega »

In spanish Spanish we still use to say "tira de la cadena" (literally, "pull the chain") for flushing the toilet, because in the past there was very common to have the toilet water deposit high and you emptied it by, well, pulling a cord or chain. These things have been replaced almost everywhere by button-triggered ones at waist level, but the expression still remains (used even for young people who had never "pulled the chain" to flush the toilet).


Paul »

@angel @mhoye Yeah, the language of technology (including toilets) is full of old imagery like that:

* hang up the phone, dial the phone
* "tune in" the radio/TV
* rewind

Parade du Grotesque 💀 »

@angel @mhoye

Same in French - we still say "Tirer la chasse d'eau" - and for the same reasons.

Leigh Garland 🐓 »

@angel @mhoye Same here. In fact, as a child we might often say "flush the chain" as a weird hybrid between the two states. Maybe that's just me 🤔